Pioneer's DVR-A03 reviewed reviewed Pioneer's DVR-A03 DDVD Writer. This is the first DVD recorder available in stores that can be bought for an affordable amount of money.

The test makes quite clear that DVD recording is still in a very early stage. Although the drive just writes DVD's like it should do, overall perfomance is pretty low and not at all what we are used of from Pioneer. Especially reading CD's (CDR, CDRW, DAE etc) is done really slow. Also, the drive is really noisy.

Recording a DVD (100% used) takes about 29 minutes. That's not 2 bad for 4,7 Gb.

This is a DVD-R drive.


For the moment, I don't think the drive to be intresting to us CD Freakers. The drive is really expensive and sometimes a movie on DVD is cheaper than a blank DVD disc. It's also made impossible to copy protected DVD's (at least, it should me impossible )...

I'll just wait

Source: Hardwareinfo


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