Reaction from ELSPA on the understanding judge…

Yesterday I reported about a judge who ‘understood’ piracy and said “I have not closed my eyes to the fact that the retailers and publishers are grossly overcharging the general public.” . Well i just read the ELSPA site (an organisation who takes down pirates) and found this:

“I feel that many of the remarks made by Judge Bray were uninformed, his knowledge of the games industry is not what it should be. Less than 5- miles away from his Court, in Warwickshire , in the last month we have seen 90 families directly affected by counterfeiting when the employees of a major company were made redundant due to the increase in piracy. Whilst I have no complaint regarding the sentencing itself – taking into account Bailey had no previous convictions – the remarks of the Judge I feel were completely incorrect. Trademark law and Copyright law exist to protect intellectual property rights. When senior judiciary take the view that, because it is a widespread crime it deserves a lower categorisation to other fraud, it is sending a very mixed message. Fortunately this judge’s views are not shared by other courts who take this type of offence very seriously, and give it the degree of seriousness that it should attract”

I think they are overreacting by saying that 90 families are directly affected by this piracy, because workers have been fired. How about lowering prices a bit, so people would buy more legal games?

Source: ELSPA Press