Red Alert 2 with SafeDisc v2.0

Submitted by: JunKX


Recent reports have reached me through either email or forum posts that the new game form Westwood Studios : Red Alert 2 is protected by the new Macrovision protection : SAFEDISC V2.0

From The Safedisc Site :

SAFEDISC is a software-based solution that does not require any changes to the publisher’s application code and is compatible with standard PC and CD-ROM hardware. It is comprised of authenticating digital signature(s) embedded on the CD-ROM disc, an encryption wrapper, and an anti-hacking technology that secures the CD-ROM executable. The patent-pending SAFEDISC digital signature(s) are added to each original disc during the mastering/replication process and cannot be copied by standard CD-R drives.

It’s said to be released in September this year. All efforts to copy this protection have FAILED. (YES THIS INCLUDES CLONECD!!!!)

Could this be the end of cracking as we know it ?

Well we will see…various source already claim that they copied RA2 with CloneCD.