Reply from Yamaha on SCSI discontinuing rumor

Yesterday we posted about a rumor that also Yamaha would stop their SCSI drive production.

Something that would not be unbelievable because several major CDRW drive manufacturers have pulled out from the SCSI niche market.

Reply from Yamaha:

This rumor is entirely unfounded. Yamaha is dedicated to providing CD-R solutions in all the standard interfaces. This line includes ATAPI (IDE), FireWire, USB 2.0, as well as SCSI Internals and Externals. There are presently no plans to discontinue our SCSI models.

So, for everyone that is calling for SCSI drives, if you want a SCSI drive, you still have the choice to buy a Yamaha.

I hope this will stop the discussions about other brands discontinuing their SCSI model line, because there is still another company that makes quality drives to go with…

Source: CD Freaks