Review added: DriveEasy

A little while ago we posted about new software called DriveEasy, this software should be able to Put your drive to the test, Recover lost files, Check for bad disks and Optimize your system.

G@M3FR3@K tested the software and made a little review. It was intentionally for the creators of the software but we thought the info may be usefull to others:

Program is very easy to use because it doesn’t have a lot of buttons. It’s too bad I couldn’t perform the writing (and thus reading) tests but I’m pretty sure my Plextor makes quality back-ups It could be a very handy tool for people who are having problems with their writer especially because DriveEasy makes a ZIP file with all the necessary info when something goes wrong.

The ripping part of the audio could be better with a build-in MP3 engine but the WAV ripping was ok though. A last tip: when making an ISO of a CD in the DriveEasy manual it states that you need to first write the ISO to a CD-R(W) before you can access the files again:

Source: CD Freaks Articles