Sonicblue taps Amazon to sell new DVR

SonicBlue has announced it will exclusively have Amazon sell their ReplayTV products trough their websites the upcoming 2 month. The ReplayTV that will probably the next thing for the US entertainment industry to fight, is able to digitally record TV shows, skip commercials etc.

There is a big chance people will use it to record TV episodes and trade them on the internet and of course the US entertainment industry won’t approve this, as we posted before.

Sonicblue’s new ReplayTV4000 line of digital video recorders will be available only through for the next two months, the companies said Monday.

Amazon, which will be the exclusive national retailer for the new system until May, is taking orders for the device now. The ReplayTV 4000 line allows consumers to automatically record TV shows, pause and instantly replay live television, and skip over commercials without fast-forwarding.

The device also has broadband capability, allowing consumers to send video over the Internet to other ReplayTV 4000s, stream video to other ReplayTVs in the home and view digital photo slide shows on a television set.

The device will be available in four models: the ReplayTV 4040, with up to 40 hours of storage, for $699.99; the 4080, with up to 80 hours of storage, for $999.99; the 4160, with up to 160 hours of storage, for $1,499.99; and the 4320, with up to 320 hours of storage, for $1,999.