Sony turns courts on PS mod-chip makers

Sony seems to throw in his own windows with it’s cases against mod chip producers. Why do they think that the PSX was one of the best selling consoles of the last few years ?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCCE) this week won a High Court injunction against Channel Technology, a UK manufacturer of Playstation mod-chips.

This prevents the company from “advertising, selling or promoting of mod-chips and requires the handing over of information about the source of the chips to SCEE”.

Mod- chips, among other things, enable punters to play pirated Playstation software, and Sony says it will take action against manufacturers and distributors across Europe.

Sony first took Channel Technology, designer of the Messiah chip and Neo Technologies, distributor of the NEO4 chip, to court on December 7. Neo withdrew its mod-chip from sale immediately, but Channel contested Sony’s right to have its product banned.

They forget there will always be an underground market for mod chips and what about the right to make a backup of your disc (if you have kids you let them play with your expensive CD’s?)

Source: The Register