TiVo to provide ads during commercial fast forwarding

Advertising billboards, logos or what TiVo is calling "popups" will be appearing after an automatic upgrade to most users beginning next year. Although consumers will still be able to skip commercials, TiVo has cut a deal and found a way to allow viewers to see advertising and corporate logos even as they fast forward their recorders to skip normal advertising!

Starting in March, most viewers who fast-forward through programs on their TiVo digital video recorder (DVR) -- a set-top box that saves shows on a built-in computer hard drive -- will see small pop-up billboards or logos related to the brands represented in some of the ads.

TiVo said it worked with more than 30 of the biggest U.S. advertisers, including auto manufacturers and Hollywood studios, in a strategic move to bolster its tiny ad unit, which generates only a fraction of the company's revenue.

TiVo spokeswoman Kathryn Kelly said the move, which will allow advertisers a chance to offer viewers contest entries and giveaways, will not affect consumers' ability to fast-forward through commercials.

"It is just another way for advertisers to show their brands in a less intrusive way than traditional advertising," she said.

This is definately a novel concept, although one that may give some of us pause for concern. It's a little hard to tell until we see it, because we can't be sure what the impact will be on the viewer. Also, not having a Tivo myself, I am not sure how quickly it fast forwards. Also, we have to wonder if there will be a time delay before the popup fades after you release the fast forward control. Could such an upgrade be avoided, anyone care to comment?

Source: Yahoo!

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