VHS format officially dead

Yesterday is officially marked as the day that the VHS format died. After years of production JVC is the last manufacturer to stop making standalone VCRs. The old-fashioned format turned thirty in 2005, and three years later it marks its official end.

At Engadget they describe yesterday as a day to remember, the end of an era. On the other hand we see that others are not as nostalgic and openly speak out their happiness.

"I feel nothing but quiet satisfaction at the news that this crummy format is headed for a dirt nap," says editor Victor Godinez at DallasNews.com. Godinez describes his hate for the format and speaks of "bulky tapes" that could easily tear and produced terrible images.

Whether Godinez is right or not, many still remember the format as a revolution. Worldwide a total of 900 million VCRs were produced and JVC accounted for 50 million units.

With nobody producing the format anymore we can officially announce its end. For those still owning a VCR we are curious for how long they think to continue to enjoy the format. Besides that it would be interesting to hear of those that might have bought a VCR this year.

Anyone here?

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