Verbatim Introduces 32 and 40 speed CD-RW drives

On Yahoo we can find this press release of Verbatim that learns us that the company is introducing 32 and 40 speed CD-RW drives.

Both the Verbatim 40x10x48 and 32x10x40 CD-RW drives ship with award-winning CD recording software so that business users and consumers have a complete way to manage, burn and store their data. The drives also come with easy-to-use CD labeling software that helps CD-RW users keep their data, photo and music organized. To help customers get started recording any kind of data right away, the drives also come with high-quality Verbatim CD-R and CD-RW media.


``Verbatim CD burners are a great addition to Staples' selection of high quality products,'' said Susan Townsend, Staples product manager.

``Our customers turn to us for complete solutions for their real world needs. Verbatim CD-RW drives complement our line-up of products that help our customers get started on hobbies and tasks such as digital photography, organizing and archiving their data, plus much more.''

The Verbatim 40x10x48 CD-RW drive sells at a suggested manufacturer's retail price of $179.99 and the Verbatim 32x10x40 CD-RW drive at a suggested manufacturer's retail price of $149.99


My best guess is that these are just some rebranded drives, unfortunately they don't give much more information and I couldn't find the drives on the Verbatim site.

Let's hope Verbatim picked a good brand to put their name on...



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