Watch DVD movies with virtual theater eyewear

Sure, you get plenty of chicks now, but wait ’till you strap on
these babies. No more getting sand kicked in your eyes anymore either! All
kidding aside, the guys over at Geekzone (where else?) spotted
these double “A” powered spectacles that will generate a virtual
30 inch screen for your DVD viewing pleasure. The glasses actually hold a
TV decoder and driver controller chipset supplied by Kopin.

The device weighs only three ounces and displays a
virtual image equivalent to 30-inch diagonal screen viewed from six feet
away. Its electronics operate on three AA batteries and accept a composite
NTSC video input signal. The device is available now in Korea and will be
available in other distribution channels by the end of the









The Accupix MPG-230M incorporates the ultra small
Kopin CyberDisplay 180K, a 0.24-inch diagonal color filter active matrix
liquid crystal display (AMLCD) with an active resolution of 800 x 225, or
180,000 pixels. Kopin CyberDisplays are the world’s smallest active matrix
liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs) featuring color filter

I don’t think I would ever wear these
things in public, but I sure would like to try them out just to see the effect!
You can read a lot more about this product in the Businesswire press release. Unfortunately, there is not any
information on battery life or a suggested retail cost of the

Source: Geekzone