Win a DVD burner or several software packages!

Christmas is coming and this
means time for some presents! In cooperation with 321 Studios, creators of the
DVD X Copy family of products, the number one DVD back-up solution in the world,
we (CD Freaks) will be giving away a DVD burner and several software


If you
purchase a 321 product through CD Freaks this month you are
automatically registered in this drawing exclusive for CD Freaks.


Grand prize: Lite-On internal DVD burner + a
copy of each software product from 321 Studios!


But this
is not all!
prizes will be given where the winner can choose 1 copy of any software from the
321 website.


Also five people will be given a
complimentary copy of their newest and very exciting new product to be released
sometime in January or February. We cannot give you any more details but this
sounds good!


drawing will be held 23rd of December and winners will be notified on the


So what
are you waiting for? Please note this is ONLY valid for products purchased
through CD Freaks. Click < here > to check the 321 website and order the

Source: CD Freaks