Windows 7 upgrade prices leaked

A Best Buy memo has revealed the pricing and options for people who want to upgrade their existing computers from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

According to the memo, obtained by Engadget, Best Buy customers who purchase a new PC between June 26 and launch day can upgrade free to Windows 7, as long as the computer is running Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate. All computers "except for a couple of them" are included in this deal.

The upgrade also applies to customers who purchase just the Vista operating system between June 26 and launch day. It’s not clear from the memo which version of Windows 7 customers will get.

Those who already have a computer can pre-purchase a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $49.99 and a Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $99.99, starting on June 26. The offer ends July 11 and a copy of the OS will ship directly to the customer.

Best Buy’s memo says other retailers will offer the pre-purchase upgrade, but doesn’t specify whether free upgrades will be available to people who purchase a new computer ahead of time. The memo says other retailers "will not be able to compete with our Geek Squad services offerings in addition to the presell options."

Done laughing? Here’s another good one: the memo’s opening paragraph lays down a zinger on Windows Vista: "This new operating system isn’t just a ‘Vista that works’ program" — Burn! — "it’s a new operating system with improved productivity, functionality and creativity that uses less computer resources."

Should be an easy sell.