Windows Media Player 8 Beta 2 available…

kobold used our newssubmit to tell us about Windows Media Player 8 Beta 2:

Windows Whistler Beta 2 Windows Media Player 8

Description: Exact same install as the Windows Media Player 7 install but with the updated files from Whistler Beta 2 Professional.


Could not use Whistler Beta 2 wmp.inf. Had to use Windows Media Player 7 wmp.inf for it to install.

Removed all .cat files since these .cat files were for older file versions.

Have not copied over remaining skins for Media Player from Beta 2. For some reason install not copying them over.

They say it works on WindowsME, Windows2000
and Windows XP. I just tested it on my Win2k prof, and it works (don’t forget to choose reinstall instead of upgrade!). Well it’s just to let u know. Download the pack here, and tell us if it works…

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