XviD releases ‘usable’ version

While DivX 5.0 can now be considered *hot*, there are also other – open source – projects that aim the same goal, development of a good powerfull video compression codec.

One of these projects is XviD, the project is based on the source of the OpenDivX project and according to the author, they released a ‘usable’ codec 2 days ago:

The new core release has now settled down a bit and seems at least usable 😉 Speed has been also improved again: people reported 10% or even more using the new core.

Some new and long awaited features like b-frames and qpel mc are on their way. B-frames are basically functional already, but still need some further testing, optimizing and additional tools for proper handling before we will release them. Qpel mc/search is also working but needs to become much faster…

Always good to see even competition in this kind of area, while DivX has always been closed source and still has a free version, it seems to becoming more and more commercial.

For those who don’t like this, XviD might be a welcome alternative.

Source: XviD