Yamaha CRW2200EZ review at GamePC

GamePC.com has a review of the Yamaha CRW2200EZ that is able to write at 20 speed, rewrite at 10 speed and read back the data at 40 speed. It uses the Partial Constant Angular Velocity (PCAV) for writing.

The drive uses Yamaha’s SafeBurn technology and a 8MB buffer to prevent buffer underruns. It comes with Ahead‘s Nero and performs very well.

Here’s the conclusion of the review:

The Final Word

Being a die-hard Plextor user myself, I didn’t expect much when testing out the Yamaha CRW2200EZ, especially after their 16x drive was somewhat disappointing. Yamaha has outdone themselves with this drive, not only making it amazingly fast in CD-RW performance, but also quiet, reliable (SafeBurn + 8MB Buffer), and amazingly, not too bad in terms of price.

In a nutshell, this is a great overall drive. In terms of performance, it seems to have a little quicker access time compared to the current Plextor drives out there, but is a teeny-tiny bit slower in overall transfer rates. For all you Plextor 12x and higher speed drive owners out there, don’t worry, your drives aren’t out of date by a long shot.

As for Plextor, well, they’ve been pretty quiet lately to be honest. Since the release of their 16X CD-RW drive, they haven’t announced anything major. The rumor mill is stirring though, and of course, we’ve been listening. Sources have been throwing around tidbits about an upcoming Plextor 24x CD-RW drive in their future, even though no firm release dates have been set.

If this is happening, you can bet Yamaha is already anticipating a drive to battle it. And hey, faster drives mean lower prices on “older” models, which helps everyone in the end. Faster, stronger, better!

As for the Yamaha CRW2200EZ we’ve looked at today, it should be available in Firewire and SCSI flavors soon. If you absolutely have to have your CDs burnt at 20X speeds, the Yamaha is the only real choice. For now, anyways. Congrats to Yamaha for breaking barriers with awesome new products!

Source: GamePC