Acer goes bigger with 3D LCD monitor

3D options for PC Gamers are still pretty slim, but Acer’s muscling in with one of the biggest 3D LCD monitors yet.

The Acer GD235HZ measures 23.6 inches and runs 1080p video. It’ll go on sale soon from Amazon for $400. That falls in line with Samsung’s SyncMaster 223RZ, a 22-inch monitor that lists at $400, but is currently on sale for $300. ViewSonic also sells a cut-rate 22-inch 3D monitor, currently for $230.


All of these screens require extra expenses to enjoy 3D gaming. You’ll need NVidia’s GeForce 3D vision kit, which costs roughly $200, and a compatible NVidia graphics card. At least you won’t need to replace your library, as Nvidia’s software transforms existing games into 3D. Here’s a list of supported titles.

I got a chance to try 3D PC gaming at CES, playing Capcom’s Dark Void on a high-end rig. Frankly, it gave me a tickling sensation between my eyes, and the images depressed into the screen instead of popping out. I’m guessing this game wasn’t the best example, as NVidia merely ranks Dark Void “Good,” rather than “Excellent” or “3D Vision Ready.”

Obviously, 3D technology is popping up in other areas besides PC gaming — televisions and Blu-ray players were all over the show floor at CES — but the PC seems like one of the best places to experience 3D. The computer is a solo experience, so there’s no need to fit everyone with a pair of glasses, and you’re so focused on the screen directly in front of you that gaming could get pretty intense. And despite all the extra expenses beyond a monitor alone, 3D PC gaming is still less expensive than the televisions manufacturers will try to ram down our throats in the years ahead. PC gaming itself might not be as popular as it once was, but that’s a whole nother story.