Adobe spies on users of E-reader software Digital Editions 4

Adobe is tracking reading behavior of users of the company’s e-reader application Digital Editions 4, according to the website The Digital Reader. The collected data would also be send unencrypted to Adobe’s servers.


Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader has intercepted the internet traffic between the e-reader application Digital Editions 4 and the Adobe servers and found that the application sends privacy sensitive data to Adobe.

According to Hoffelder the Epub-reader sends which books have been opened and on which page the reader was. Also metadata about the E-book collection is collected and send to an IP address belonging to Adobe. The E-reader application also scans the hard drive to find E-books.

Besides collecting the personal data, Hoffelder also mentions that Digital Editions sends all the personal data unencrypted over the internet. Due to the absence of encryption the data can easily be intercepted by a third party.

Hoffelder has asked Adobe for a reaction, but the software company hasn’t answered him so far. Hoffelder claims that Adobe is violating both American and European laws and advices to no longer use the Digital Editions software of Adobe.