Analyst: Google Nexus One sales still disappointing

The highly anticipated Google Nexus One received a lot off press from media and bloggers, but its sales numbers haven’t been impressive, an analyst group recently noted.

The HTC-created Nexus One marks the first time a major Internet search engine decided to sell a product direct to the consumer market.  HTC has been an avid supporter of Google’s Android mobile OS, but the smartphone market is rife with competition, making it a very difficult market.

Mobile analytics company Flurry noted just 135,000 Nexus One phones have been sold in 74 days.  The Motorola Droid sold 1.05 million in the same time frame, while the Apple iPhone racked up a one million sales number.

A major factor limiting Nexus One sales thus far has been that the phone would only operate on the T-Mobile network, which significantly trails AT&T and Verizon Wireless in popularity.  AT&T subscribers now have the option of purchasing a Nexus One, with Google and AT&T confirming the news today.

Another problem is that the phone is available on the Internet only, and isn’t heavily promoted in T-Mobile retail stores.

I’m not honestly surprised that the Nexus One hasn’t sold well — immediately after its release, the phone seemingly disappeared from headlines.  Google has marketed its other projects, but doesn’t seem focused on generating additional buzz for the Nexus One.

I expect Google to focus more on marketing its Android OS to phone manufacturers and consumers, rather than try to release another phone model to consumers.  If Google does try to create a new Nexus One, the company will likely make adjustments to ensure it learns from its current woes.