Android Lollipop is the next version of Android - revealed by Google developer

The Chromium issue tracker has revealed a hidden gem today, a screenshot posted by a Google developer reveals the debug icon of Android L and it's a Lollipop. Until now there has been a lot of speculation about the name of Google's upcoming Android release with the Lollipop name frequently mentioned but never confirmed. The debug icon consists of the face of the famous Android Robot on a stick.

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Although Lollipop was the rumored name for the next version of Android, Google developers referred to Android L as LMP, which likely stands for Lemon Meringue Pie. Using two different names for the same Android release is nothing new. Prior to the release of Android Kitkat, Google developers also posted code in a branch with the name KLP (Key Lime Pie).


Recently it was rumored the new Android version would be called Licorice, the designer of the statues Google puts near their HQ hinted on that name on his Google+ page. Google adds so called "Android lawn statues" with every release of Android. They are a series of large plastic statues located near GooglePlex and so far include a large statue of a Kitkat candy bar, Jellybeans, a large Android Cupcake and so on for every Android release since Android 1.5 Cupcake.


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It seems that the "Android lawn" will soon see a large Lollipop statue and not a Licorice one as the designer hinted at. Android Lollipop is expected to be released this month. It's expected also the Nexus 6 or Nexus 9 will be released together with the OS.

Update: Google has just removed the page where the issue was listed. Apparently they didn't want us to know. Here's a screenshot of that page.



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