AnyDVD Beta adds experimental support for ripping all Ultra HD Blu-ray discs

Redfox has released a beta of AnyDVD that has full support for Ultra HD Blu-ray disc ripping. The new version does not use leaked keys anymore, instead the required keys come from AnyDVD's Online Protection Database (OPD).

Users who want to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs with the new AnyDVD version will need an Ultra HD Blu-ray friendly drive. The software won't work with official Ultra HD Blu-ray drives. AnyDVD also needs to connect to the internet during the scan of the disc.

Redfox will add the functionality to its existing AnyDVD products and not make a separate product of it, Redfox developer James explains, "UHD decryption requires 'friendly' drives, which are withdrawn from the market. So, the possible customer base is quite limited and unlikely to grow. It is also possible, that UHD decryption will stop to work in the future because of counter measures of the 'powers, that be."

He goes on to write, "same is true for DeUHD & Co., by the way. Although I would love to collect some additional bucks, I don't think it is 'fair' for the buyer to pay for a feature, which may stop to work in a couple of months. At least until I am more confident in our decryption method, consider UHD decryption as a 'gift' to enjoy."

The Ultra HD Blu-ray 'friendly' drives, which developer James refers to, have a loophole that allows them to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs when combined with leaked AACS 2.0 volume keys. It appears the loophole was unintentionally and for nearly all 'friendly' drives, firmware updates exist that close the loophole. Users who want to rip Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are therefore advised to not upgrade their firmware once they've confirmed their drive works with any of the available ripping applications.

Those who received a drive that is on the list of 'friendly' drives and have a firmware that prohibits them from Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping, can try to downgrade the firmware.

Besides AnyDVD, also DeUHD and MakeMKV support ripping a large number of/nearly all Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Also DVDFab supports Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping, but the software currently only works with the leaked keys.

Download the beta of AnyDVD here. 

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