AnyDVD purchasing to be back in about 3 weeks – until then, use free AnyDVD trial

Users looking to purchase an AnyDVD license are recommended to first use the free AnyDVD 21-day trial of the software. When that trial period expires, the former Slysoft employees, now together in a new entity called RedFox, hope to be able to sell AnyDVD licenses again. Team RedFox’s current priority is getting things to work as before.



Because Slysoft Inc. no longer exists, the former employees are unable to process credit cards or other payments that allow an AnyDVD license to be purchased. They will need to find a new way to process payments again and expect that this will take some time. Team member Tom writes about this, “We are working on our infrastructure. It will take 1-3 weeks until we can can process any payments.”

While payments can be considered the lifeline of the company because bills and employees need to be paid, this isn’t their main focus right now. According to Tom, “first step was to show customers that they can count on the new (old?) RedFox team.”

RedFox already demonstrated that users can count on them when they released a new version of AnyDVD this week. This version brought back a working Online Protection Database without a workaround and also added support for new Blu-ray movies. Pretty much an update that can be considered ‘business as usual’.


More business as usual is expected in about 3 weeks when RedFox hopes to  be able to process payments again. In the meanwhile there’s a temporarily solution for users that would like to use AnyDVD but don’t have a license. Tom advises, “please be patient, meanwhile a 21-day trial version should work for you.”

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