Arcsoft ends support for Total Media Theater

File this one under speculation/unsupported in your bad news inbox, but it seems that Arcsoft has ended support for their popular media player, Total Media Theater.  This is particularly bad news for many home theater computer users, since TMT was one of the very best programs for playing Blu-ray video.

arcsoft logo

The only evidence for this speculation is a terse notice on Arcsoft’s website, saying:   This product will be no longer maintained and updated.   After a bit of exploration at their site, there is no longer a way to download or purchase the last version of TMT, which was TMT 6.7.  But Arcsoft has not released an official statement, nor is there any information to be gleaned from their forum.

There have been some repercussions from Arcsoft including Cinavia detection within TMT, and more and more video enthusiasts have moved to other means of playing their high definition files, including the ever more popular media streaming boxes.  Of course, Arcsoft had no choice but to include Cinavia detection within the program if they wished to continue to provide Blu-ray playback.

Until we hear more from Arcsoft themselves, we will be in the dark as to the real reasons for ending support of a very good program.