Arusoft announces upcoming DeUHD hardware bundles on its website

Arusoft yesterday released a new version of DeUHD, bringing the version number to The release isn’t as spectacular as the previous one, which tripled the ripping speed of the software. But together with the new release, the company updated their website announcing it will soon start to sell hardware bundles.

The company now writes on its website, “As customers request, two drives that are compatible with DeUHD after test [sic] are listed together with DeUHD for your choice, that [sic] are ASUS 12D2HT and ASUS BW16D1HT. For full DeUHD version users, who want to buy drive separately, please contact us with your registered email.”

Earlier this month we already reported that the company had found a distributor with whom the company would work together to ship Ultra HD Blu-ray drives to its customers. Back then we didn’t know which models the company would sell. Interestingly, both drives that are announced today are on the company’s ‘DeUHD Friendly Drives‘ list and are both not official Ultra-HD Blu-ray drives.

The ASUS BC-12D2HT is priced $104.28 at Amazon and $109.99 at Newegg. The Asus BW16D1HT is current sold at Newegg for $63.99 and comes with a free 10 pack of Verbatim DVD+R discs. The is also available at Amazon where it costs $89.99 and comes with 1 pack of M-Disc BD. It will be interesting to see to which countries/continents Arusoft will ship and whether it will be able to offer competing prices.

Regarding yesterday’s DeUHD release, version mainly fixes some crashes and adds new movies to the supported movies list. You can download (the free trial) here. (.EXE 10.8MB – Virustotal results)

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