Avast Antivirus makes it easy to assist friends and family with computer issues

Antivirus company Avast has posted about a feature that makes it possible for expert users that are often asked by family and friends, to solve issues by remotely assisting them. The antivirus software contains a feature called “Remote Assistance” which allows Avast users to help others/

The antivirus software generates a code that can be provided to an IT expert which can then enter the code in his software to gain full control over the computer of the other user.

“Forget driving across town to help them out – if they are also Avast users, you can remotely access their computer”, according to Deborah Salmi from Avast. The user who allows access to his  computer for remote help can disconnect at anytime with a specific key command.

According to software research company OPSWAT, the free Avast virusscanner is the second most popular antivirus software, after Microsoft’s default antimalware tool Security Essentials. According to OPSWAT about 18% of the internet users has Avast Free Antivirus installed on their computer.