BitTorrent Labs introduce a new messaging service

Online security concerns have reached new highs recently, with revelations of snooping from various governments, and the cloud seems less attractive than ever.  But new solutions for security are beginning to show up.  BitTorrent Labs has decided to use peer to peer technology and apply it in an instant messaging service.  This new program goes by the name BitTorrent Chat.

Bittorrent Labs logo

BitTorrent Chat promises to never store your messages in the cloud.  It simply won’t exist on any servers.  And the messages you send through the service will be encrypted.  Currently this chat service is still in Alpha status, but it is open to the public.  The messaging service will be free to use.

BitTorrent Chat is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS, but there are plans to extend it to mobile devices as well.

You can sign up for BitTorrent Chat here.

And you can read more on the story at Cnet and the BitTorrent Blog.