Carahsoft and Wasabi Enter Gov’t Storage Market

Wasabi and Carahsoft Technology Corp. enters a new partnership to bring new opportunities to the cloud storage market and accelerate the public sector partners’ growth.

The two companies announced on Sept. 17 a strategic partnership that makes Wasabi’s cloud services available for the public sector through Carahsoft’s Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V and National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA).

This is an opportunity to offer storage services to federal agencies in need of a high-performance cloud system and even reseller partners. Under the said contracts, Carahsoft can procure for the services of Wasabi, and in turn, govern the IT needs of agencies.

Carahsoft and Wasabi Gov’t Storage Market

In addition to the high-performing cloud storage, Wasabi also achieved massive growth over its data backup features, along with disaster recovery and security. The company can cater to all business sizes, including large business enterprises, and government storage needs.

Wasabi’s storage infrastructure has legacy solutions that could benefit the government agencies, and secure all transactions, media, and documents in one private network. As the world transitions to working outside the office, the company hopes to provide secure storage to keep all confidential files.

“By combining Wasabi’s disruptive cloud storage technology with Carahsoft’s extensive understanding of government procurement process and the public sector, agencies and resellers can now receive the best possible value in cloud storage,” said Wasabi CEO David Friend.

Secure and Accessible Data

More agencies need the flexibility and scale of cloud storage in securing the data and making it accessible for government employees. Wasabi’s top-notch storage addresses the challenges faced by IT professionals and employees.

A single tier, high performing, with no egress fee, make data management more affordable, secure, and reliable. Once data is stored in Wasabi’s cloud storage, it will be accessible to involved parties and authorized people, under less demanding conditions.

Multi-cloud storage supports higher volumes from data of bigger enterprises and government agencies. This allows for better performance and resilience with cost efficiency and secures data.

“We are proud to partner with Wasabi to meet our public sector customers’ and reseller partners’ evolving data needs with top-of-the-line multicloud storage,” said Carahsoft’s manager Joe Tabatabaian.

Wasabi’s other services include Internet of Things (IoT), surveillance, content delivery, DevOps, data analytics, application development, archiving, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The storage company competes alongside data storage providers including Dell EMC and NetApp.