CDFreaks changes its name to MyCE

It’s final! We have decided to change the CDFreaks name to “MyCE”. What? Yes, it’s true. I can imagine it’s hard to see why, but we believe the current name does not reflect our current focus and vision anymore. We are more than CD’s alone and our name has become really outdated. It is currently holding us back in growth and we feel we should do something about this. However, the name CDFreaks will still be here for a long time as we are not going to change immediately. We will start preparing and make this a smooth and easy transition over the coming months.

We created a FAQ for everyone who likes some additional information. Be sure to read it through if you have any questions. We welcome you to think with us and come up with positive or negative points we should address during this transition. I am of course also hoping for your support in this biggest change in the CDFreaks history!

Read the full announcement here:

A new logo will be introduced as well, for which you can vote. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite one and let us know what you voted! 🙂