Chinese leaker posts screenshot confirming Windows 9 and Cloud Windows

Well known Microsoft-leaker Faikee has posted a screenshot that confirms the existence of several upcoming Microsoft products including a cloud version of Windows called "Windows 365".

Faikee posted the following screenshot earlier today, it mentions current Microsoft products like Office 2013 and Windows 8.1, but also reveals upcoming products like Windows 8.1 Update 2, Windows 9, Office 2015 and "Windows 365". We are not entirely sure where Faikee got this screenshot, but since he has leaked many genuine information in the past, many consider him a reputable source for Microsoft rumors. Faikee The most interesting part of the screenshot is of course "Windows 365" with status "Alpha based on Windows Core". It looks like Microsoft is indeed working on a Windows as a Service subscription model, much like Office 365, like WZOR rumored before. Nobody knows what exactly Microsoft has planned for Windows 365, but it looks like it could be a monthly/annual subscription that makes sure you always get the latest version of Windows, possibly on multiple devices.

The screenshot also confirms that Microsoft is already compiling Windows (Server) 9 and Windows Phone 9  builds and that Microsoft is trying to create "One User Experience" and integrate more online services.

More Office details are revealed too, the screenshot confirms the existence of Office 2015 and Modern app versions of the current Office 2013 applications, codenamed "Gamini" according to the screenshot (although that looks like a typo, it should probably be "Gemini").

Faikee declined to offer additional details, saying "I think I talked too much already". He did however say "take it as rumor(repeat rumor): win9 will be free for win8.1 users.", but you should really take that one with a grain of salt.

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