Code42 Announced Tool that Prevents Insider Data Risks

Software as a service (SaaS) solutions provider Code42 recently revealed its anti-insider threat product called Incydr, reported to help Net Security. It is designed to protect internal data such as intellectual property, trade secrets, and source codes.

Code42’s Incydr addresses this issue. It is a SaaS solution that seeks to lessen the likelihood of data exfiltration and insider risks.

According to the report, 66% of breaches are caused by data exfiltration or the unauthorized retrieval of information from a source to another. It remains to be a large gap in cybersecurity for many companies and organizations.

Code42 Tool that Prevents Insider Data Risks

President and CEO Payne remarked, “Insider risk is an inescapable, growing problem that has been underestimated, underfunded and under the radar for too long.”

He added that the pandemic and its workforce impact have also made this tool necessary, especially as many employees have started working from home without proper cybersecurity measures or tools.

Payne highlighted that Incyder, the cloud-native SaaS solution, will help mitigate such risks while also making it is easier to conduct investigations and respond accordingly.

Regarding insider threats and Incydr’s ability to prevent it, Dustin Fritz, a senior security architect at UserTesting, said that “it’s about actionable intelligence,” which the SaaS tool enables.

Fritze added, “We need to be able to trust our employees, but we also need to be able to have visibility into risky data behavior so we can inform, engage and educate, and, where necessary, be able to detect and respond to actual risks before they become an incident.”

To this end, some of the most important features of Incydr includes built-in case management that allows security researchers and teams to gather and document information regarding an incident.

It is also able to provide comprehensive visibility across systems through cloud solutions and email. This feature is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

The tool also can make distinctions between trusted and untrusted file activities in various services including emails, Dropbox USB, browsers, Slack and iCloud, to name a few. Once differentiated, the tool prioritizes the riskiest events to properly manage the threats.

When processing data, Incydr makes the workflow more efficient. It is also quick to implement, allowing organizations to utilize the tool within 48 hours.

The SaaS solution has been deployed in various organizations and was able to gather valuable data related to security, insider threats, and prevention.