Dailymotion Teams Up with Oracle for Video Marketplace

France-based video-sharing company Dailymotion launched a new inventory and video marketplace, in partnership with Oracle Corporation.

Powered by Oracle’s cloud moat, the platform provides viewer metrics measured by the Media Rating Council (MRC). This new premium video marketplace is Dailymotion’s first global network, with almost 7,000 publishers.

Aside from A&E and Discovery, other video sharing companies are included in the global network. Moat’s data can help Dailymotion provide a guarantee to its advertisers. Publishers such as NBA G League, Meredith, CNN, NASA, Global Citizen, and others are expected to join.

Dailymotion Teams Up with Oracle

“If the ad doesn’t hit the advertiser’s required threshold, we will either bill for only viewable impressions, or give the advertiser additional impressions to make the ad hit the benchmarks,” said Dailymotion VP for product development Justin Silberman.

Dailymotion is aiming for advertisers to get more customers through marketing campaigns in the video marketplace. Moat’s platform will show how consumer’s attention is altered and affected by what they see in the video marketplace.

A full suite of behavioral assessment and consumer’s solutions help companies capture what drives outcomes from people and business partners. Because Oracle Corporation acquired Moat, it can offer the analytics tools to publishers.

The integration of Moat to Oracle’s data solutions provides the power to measure engagement, insights, and optimize sales. Forecast and inventory-based attributes provide high-value benefits for advertisers.

Additionally, Moat can also determine where the website visitors engage within the page if it’s with media, posts, and other elements. Picking up from this solution means more businesses can get a heads up of the consumer’s behaviors and decisions.

“If advertisers message was driving someone to a landing page, that’s the performance I would measure. It’s much more difficult for publishers because they need to reach partners in many different ways, but we can support them in providing the best inventory,” said Silberman.

End-to-End Video Advertising

Dailymotion’s programmatic marketplace was launched two years ago but lacks the integral updates that Oracle provides. Now, in collaboration with the American multi-technology company, Dailymotion can provide an end-to-end video advertising solution.

The best thing about this setup is, advertisers won’t pay for the impressions if the viewers don’t see the MRC required. Dailymotion sets an amount of time to consider if the viewer makes an engagement from the ad or not.

Dailymotion said it will launch the GroupM viewability requirement in the coming years to get a standard for ads payment.