DVD-Ranger CinEx module beta tested – beats Cinavia

DVD-Ranger has shown us a working version of their Cinavia module CinEx. Using this module it’s possible to backup Blu-ray discs that are protected with the audio watermarking technology Cinavia. This copy protection is mandatory on Blu-ray players since 2012.


The CinEx module from DVD-Ranger is in Beta but we have confirmed that it indeed bypasses the Cinavia protection. Unfortunately the audio quality of the copied movie is far from perfect, but the  lead developer of the software has told us that he and his team are now at the point where they  know how to improve the audio quality considerably. To prove their understanding of Cinavia, the developers also released a whitepaper providing more details on the protection.

Our test was conducted by forum administrator and video expert Kerry56. For the test he used Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater. This Blu-ray playback software is known to detect the Cinavia watermark.  Backups of a movie protected with Cinavia will mute the audio after about 20 minutes and show a Cinavia message. Kerry56 created a backup of a Blu-ray disc with DVD-Ranger and CinEx, this backup passed the 20 minutes mark. The entire movie was played and again no sign of Cinavia.

To make sure the combination of the Blu-ray movie and Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater really triggers the protection, a backup of the disc with regular Blu-ray backup software (without CinEx) was created. As expected this backup indeed triggered Cinavia protection. This means that DVD-Ranger seems to have overcome their difficulties and is now ready to improve this beta version.

DVD-Ranger announced a working solution in September 2012 but had difficulties releasing the software. In May this year the company announced it was working on a new version of CinEx, due to the delay it was an heavily discussed subject on our forums and users doubted if the software would ever be released. A public Beta of CinEx will soon be released on the DVD-Ranger website.

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