DVD-Ranger offers special discount to Myce members

DVD-Ranger currently offers their software, including the Cinavia removal module CinEx for $49.99 to Myce members. The offer is valid till the 20th of April 2014 and includes a lifetime license. If you were planning to purchase DVD-Ranger, then now is an excellent opportunity to get the software with a great discount.


So far, DVD-Ranger with CinEx HD is the only software that actually removes the Cinavia signal from audio tracks. This means that movies backed up with CinEx HD playback in any device that contain a Cinavia detector including the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The license is good for 3 PCs and besides removing Cinavia, DVD-Ranger can be used to convert and burn video files.

The special offer can be found here.