European civil rights organisation advises Facebook users to use ad blocker

The European civil rights organisation EDRi advices Facebook users to use Adblock Plus or Ghostery on the social network because of its new privacy policy. The two browser extensions protect internet users against online tracking.myce-edri

Because of the new privacy policy Facebook can collect information from users over the entire internet and share that data with other parties, like Instagram. Facebook gives users the possibility to opt out of the tracking, but the suggested method is according to EDRi to complicated and not the only way.

According to the civil rights organisation there is a much easier way, by installing Adblock Plus or Ghostery. Both plugins do not only block trackers but also advertisements. Some websites block users of Adblock Plus or show wrong warnings. According to some experts adblockers can have a large impact on revenues of free websites and compare it to piracy of music and video.