Exclusive: Leaked Intel boxed CPU roadmap (all slides)

A Russian IT distributor has leaked an Intel roadmap of boxed CPUs. The PDF was authored on the first of July by a technical marketing engineer from Intel. The document contains updates on information that was already available on the internet and gives a close look of Intel's upcoming plans on its  boxed desktop CPUs and platform. For your convenience all slides are available in the gallery below. If you see interesting stuff, please post in our reactions to point it out to others.

A large number of Pentium and Celeron processors get axed, amongst them the G860, G645, G645T, G550T, G555, G645, G630, G620, G622, G870, G860T, G640, G630T, G640T, G550, G540T, G460, G530, and G530T, will be marked "EOL" (end of life).  From its Core i3 "Sandy Bridge" lineup, Core i3-2100, i3-2125, i3-2130, i3-2120T, i3-2102 and Core i5 "Sandy Bridge" series, the i5-2390T gets tagged EOL.


The roadmap also shows that Intel's first CPUs in a BGA (ball grid array) package should arrive in Q4 2013. They can be considered System-on-chip (SoC) more than CPUs because they are a combined CPU with motherboard chipset. The motherboards with these chips will not allow for replacing the SoC.

The BGA chips will be based on the Bay Trail-D architecture and Intel will make Celeron, Pentium, Haswell Core i5 and i7 CPUs using the BGA technology.

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