Fetch Robotics Joins Zebra Technologies in Acquisition Deal

Fetch Robotics, a startup autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) maker, is being acquired by Zebra Technologies, a company specializing in business mobile computing, visibility solutions, and data capture.

The move happened when the automation business, especially in the logistics industry, is seeing tremendous expansion. Businesses want to restructure their operations to become more efficient due to the spike in online purchasing during the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising need for fast delivery.

Fetch Robotics was founded in 2014 and since has supported the development of a new kind of flexible industrial automation to satisfy demand. It features autonomous mobile robots, designed with a cart that has navigation ability, and a pick and place robot.

Fetch Robotics Joins Zebra Technologies

Furthermore, the startup promotes its robotics solution using a cloud system. Logistics operations of any size can connect to a comprehensive automation stack. A company can choose from only a few or several robots.

Fetch has the industry's biggest autonomous mobile robots portfolio and can integrate with logistic and industrial systems without requiring infrastructure or facility upgrades.

Bill Burns, Chief Product and Solutions Officer of Zebra Technologies, stated that their objective is to provide people and robots the chance to perform their best job.

He added that the company expects this purchase to be next in a succession of advancements that represent its dedication to developing solutions that assist clients to enhance their operations via robotics.

Fetch is thrilled to be joining Zebra and helping to propel the growth of flexible automation using AMRs and cloud-based robotics technology.

Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics, said that they have the ideal people with the necessary technology to deliver effective solutions that address actual consumer issues.

They will assist clients to keep on top of rising demand, manage diminishing labor resources, and decrease shipping times by helping them effectively manage and comprehensively coordinate their success, production, and distribution processes.

Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Zebra Technologies, stated, “The acquisition of Fetch Robotics will accelerate our Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision and growth in intelligent industrial automation.”

He mentioned that it will be made possible by adopting new ways of strengthening workflows and assisting clients in being more productive in more automated, data-driven settings.

Jim Lawton, Vice President and General Manager of Zebra Technologies, commented that he believes they will see greater progress toward the digital warehouse as providers handle the duty of determining how various technologies may work together to address problems.

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