Free version of Spotify infects users with malware

The free version of the popular music streaming site, Spotify, showed malicious advertisements to its users. According to reports the Spotify Free app will launch the default browser and open several websites serving malware. In some cases no user interaction was required to become infected with malware.


Users on Reddit and the Spotify Community Forum confirm the issue and recommend users to uninstall the free version of the music streaming. When we used Virustotal to scan files distributed by Spotify (including files in the Spotify folder after installation) all files appeared to be clean. It's likely the issue is caused by advertisements shown in the Spotify Free app.

Spotify reports it's investigating the issue and asks users that also suffer from the issue to report it. It's not the first time Spotify infects users with malware, in 2011 the streaming service apologized for serving malicious advertisements to it users.

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