Google and antivirus vendors start to warn for popular uTorrent software

Both Google as several antivirus vendors have started to warn users that the popular uTorrent client is potentially harmful software. Users can share all kinds of files with the software. uTorrent can be freely used. The developers earn their money with advertisements and bundled software.


The software has more than 100 million users worldwide. Several antivirus vendors have started to warn for the software as it now bundles OpenCandy adware. VirusTotal shows that in total 7 virus scanners, including ESET, Symantec and G-Data show a warning about uTorrent.

Also Google has started to warn for the torrent software. Users trying to download uTorrent using Google Chrome receive a warning that the software is potentially harmful and is therefore blocked. Users have to manually allow the software in order to start the download.

Chrome also shows a warning for several uTorrent pages stating the website contains harmful software. Previously Google already announced it would become more strict on unwanted software and that Chrome users will be more often notified when they try to download potentially harmful software. The warning for uTorrent is part of this, according to a Google spokesman.

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