HTC Tattoo to be fully customizable

HTC has officially taken the wraps off of its Tattoo mobile phone, a Google Android-powered device that allows phone owners to customize and modify the phone in a unique way.

HTC has been very light on the details, but phone owners will be able to control the apps, content, and hardware used in the phone.  The phone does have a 3.2-megapixel camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD card, and Bluetooth.  Google's Gmail, Maps, Search, and Android Market will be available on the software side, HTC said in a statement.

Specifically, the HTC Sense user interface lets phone owners customize the smartphone using widgets and home-screen panels that can be accessed using the phone, with its 2.8-inch touch screen.

HTC_TATTOO_1"Everyone wants their own phone to feel like it was specifically made for them," said HTC CEO Peter Chou in a press statement.  "The Tattoo with HTC Sense represents an easy way to shape your own distinct mobile experience and really make it your own."

Previously known as the HTC Click, the HTC Tattoo is a mid-range Android smartphone that also happens to be a very affordable phone.  It will be released in Europe early next month and will roll out across the rest of the world several months after the European launch.

HTC has showed strong support in Android, as Tattoo will be the company's fourth smartphone -- and future Android-powered handsets are expected.  I like how the company, which does have Microsoft Windows Mobile phones, is releasing phones using either OS, allowing the consumer to pick which is best.

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