Insecure Internet Explorer 6 market share finally drops below 1%

The market share of Internet Explorer has finally dropped below 1% according to NetMarketShare. The drop relates to the amount of Windows XP users that have switched to another operating system. The demise of Internet Explorer 6 is good news for web developers and Microsoft.


In March 2011 the software giant started a campaign to convince IE6 users to upgrade to a more modern browser. Internet Explorer 6 doesn't support modern web standards and also lacks many security features of modern browsers. Recently the browser was in the news because it doesn't TLS encryption by default. Although IE6 doesn't receive updates on Windows XP, the 13 year old browser is still supported on Windows Server 2003. Users of that operating system will  continue to receive security updates till July 2015.

Microsoft has a website called "" where it shows the current state of Internet Explorer. The site shows that the majority of current IE6 users is in China.

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