Internet Explorer won’t be fully replaced by Spartan browser for legacy reasons

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer and the new browser codenamed Spartan, will co-exist in Windows 10. According to the company it will keep Internet Explorer in Windows 10 for legacy reasons, mainly to accommodate companies.


In a blogpost Microsoft explains what it plans with both browsers as soon Windows 10 hits the market. The focus will be fully on Spartan as the new and modern browser of which the company hopes it will become the default browser for Windows 10 users.

However the company recognizes that some companies have build their web pages specifically for Internet Explorer by using e.g. custom ActiveX objects. Internet Explorer will continue to be part of Windows 10 to cater these companies. Including Internet Explorer will make sure their legacy web pages will continue to work in Windows 10. Nevertheless, it appears Internet Explorer will be an inferior part of Windows 10. However the browser will be able to use the same two render engines that also power Spartan.

Microsoft also announced it will release a new build of Windows 10 next week.Spartan won’t  be part of this new build but parts of the new underlying render-engine will be refreshed and new features will be added.

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed information about the consumer version of Windows 10 which will be a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. Also new features of the Spartan browser, including support for personal assistant Coranta, the ability to take notes on websites and a built-in reading list were demonstrated.