iOS6 security flaw – hackers able to steal contacts, images & videos

Where Apple’s operating systems were always applauded because they were considered secure, their populairity also makes them more interesting to hackers and researchers. Dutch security researchers have announced that they have found a security problem in the browser of iOS 5 and iOS 6, which makes it possible to steal pictures and videos from phones. The announcement was made during Pwn2Own, currently held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The hack works using javascript and also gives access to the internet history and address book of the phone. Not only does the hack work on iOS 6, which should be distributed to iPhone, iPod and iPad owners tonight, it also works on the current iOS 5.1.1, installed on millions devices (such as the iPhone 4S).  The vulnerability is in the just-in-time compiler in Webkit the engine of the Safari browser of iOS, which compiles Javascript to machine code and which allowed the reseachers to execute unsigned code.

The exploit could be used by malicious websites where, with some Javascript, they are able to steal images, videos and contacts from iOS users. The hack works in such a way that the user won’t notice when it happens.

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