iPhone 7 and Galaxy Note 7 very sensitive to falling

Both Apple’s and Samsung’s high-end smartphones are very sensitive to falling, according to tests of insurance company SquareTrade which tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Apple iPhone 7.

“In this area both smartphone manufacturers still have a lot to learn”, SquareTrade concludes.

After the first fall the display of both phones shattered and after the second fall the iPhone 7 was unusable. After the third fall also the Note 7 could no longer be used.

The display of the Note 7 was also extra sensitive to scratches.

The researchers weren’t surprised by the results, “the sidewalk always wins” has become their slogan. When it comes to water-resistance the phones performed much better. Both survived 30 minutes under water, after which only the speaker was temporarily muffled.

Both flagship devices are repeatedly in the news because they have issues. The Galaxy Note 7 suffered from exploding batteries, the iPhone 7 reportedly makes hissing sounds when under full load. According to some analysts the manufacturers hurry too much to release their flagship devices resulting in insufficiently tested devices.