Leaked document shows Apple's iWatch to support limited Paypal features

A confidential Paypal document shows the upcoming Apple iWatch will support limited Paypal features and iOS 8 will allow Paypal payments using the Fingerprint scanner. It's expected Apple will reveal the iPhone 6, iOS 6 and the iWatch tomorrow (9th of September 2014) . Many details on all devices and Apple's upcoming mobile OS already leaked.


A confidential Paypal document obtained by Myce shows that Paypal plans offer coupons and notifications about shops on the iWatch. The document states "Purchase is next phase", which could mean paying with the iWatch is an upcoming feature.myce-paypal-iwatch1

Another page shows Paypal's app for iOS will support payments using TouchID, Apple's Fingerprint authentication feature. Lately there's been  a lot of news that Apple is planning to compete with Paypal. Apple reportedly signed agreements with Mastercard, Visa and American Express for a new payment feature inside iOS 8 that would allow iPhone owners to authorize a payment with their fingerprint.

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