LG announces first 3D LED-backlit TV

LG announced the LX9500 HDTV, which the company is claiming as the first full LED-backlit 3D HDTV announced for the consumer market.

The 3D TV was first reported last month after a leaked LG memo and is now slated to become available sometime before the end of 2010.

LG plans to release the TV in Korea first, but will also make it available to consumers in the United States and Europe later this year.  The MSRP for the 47″ version of the LX9500 will be around $4,000, so most consumers will probably want to wait for the price to drop… a few thousand dollars.

The LX9500 will be available in 47- and 55-inch models, and both are just 0.87-inches thin with 0.63-inch bezels.  The LX9500 also includes 480Hz TruMotion, 1080p support, 1,200 individual LEDs, Skype video support calls, and other Internet-based features.

Owners must wear 3D glasses — LG includes two sets — but the company didn’t say how much additional pairs cost.  The active shutter glasses support up to 40 hours of viewing on each charge, and can be charged via USB.

Samsung and Panasonic have released 3DTVs in the U.S. already, with Sony expected to make its 3DTV debut in May.  Retailers such as Best Buy are now reporting high demand for 3D products from both companies.

Many companies also working on developing 3D Blu-ray players, many of which will be released throughout 2010.