Lulzsec hackers jailed

Following a UK Court case four male hackers operating under the banner of Lulzsec were sentenced for carrying out a string of high profile cyber attacks in 2011.

The four were Ryan Cleary, aged 21, from Wickford in Essex, who was jailed for 32 months, Jake Davis aged 20 from Lerwick in Scotland, who was jailed for 24 months, Mustafa al-Bassam, aged 18, from south London, who was given a 20 month suspended sentence, and Ryan Ackroyd aged 26, from South Yorkshire, who was jailed for 30 months.

All four pleaded guilty to various offences including hacking the US Central Intelligence Agency, Sony, The Sun Newspaper, and the US Air Force.

Cleary has already admitted guilt to four additional charges including possession of indecent images of babies and children.

The BBC discusses this story further here.