Microsoft brings start menu to Windows RT – but OS is pretty much dead

Microsoft released an update that brings the start menu to Windows RT, its operating system for ARM CPU based devices. The update is for Windows RT 8.1. which currently powers Surface and Surface 2 devices. The start menu is pretty much like the one on Windows 10 with Live tiles and a list of applications.


There are some differences nevertheless, there is no way to access settings from the menu and the power button is on top instead of on the bottom of the menu. Users that don’t want the start menu can disable it again.

In a post Microsoft explains the areas of the start menu, 1) is called the header, where the user account picture and power button appear 2) is the pinned list where apps that are pinned for easy access appear 3) are the most frequently used apps 4) to gain access to all apps  5) is the search button and 6) are the live tiles.

Microsoft previously promised that besides Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 also Windows RT would receive an update that would bring some features from Windows 10 to the OS. A full upgrade for Windows RT to e.g. Windows 10 won’t happen.

The update that brings the start menu to Windows RT is KB3033055 which is available through Windows Update.