Microsoft gets rid of company sending embarrassing DMCA requests

A Microsoft spokesman informed TorrentFreak that it will no longer use services of a company that sends out embarrassing DMCA requests to Google, asking the search engine to remove Microsoft’s website and The French company LeakID is responsible for the the shameful requests and Microsoft has shown them the door.


The final straw was when LeakID asked Google to remove Microsoft’s Wikipedia entry, an open source project and when the company claimed Microsoft’s ownership over a porn video.

Torrentfreak reported several times about LeakID before which seems to use automated processes to file the DMCA requests to Google. Credible sites like the BBC, CNN and the Huffington post were reported by the company for piracy. Also Spotify and the U.S. government were victims of the overactive reporting processes.

Google keeps track of all the requests it receives on the website Chillingeffects, by monitoring that site it becomes clear that many movie, music and software company outsource their anti-piracy efforts to companies like LeakID. Companies or organisations that have requested most URLs to be removed are the British Recording Industry (BPI), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and LeakID competitors Degban and MarkMonitor Anti-piracy.