“Microsoft invests $70 million in CyanogenMod developer”

Microsoft is allegedly planning to invest in Cyanogen, the company behind the popular custom Android version CyanogenMod.  The investment would be relative small and, according to the rumors, both companies would cooperate to release a custom Android version that works with Microsoft services.


The rumors come from the Wall Street Journal which cites undisclosed sources. Microsoft would have become one of the investors in Cyanogen in a recently financing round. In total Cyanogen would have collected $70 million in this this round which values Cyanogen in the many hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the WSJ.

Microsoft is likely interested in Cyanogen because the Android developer wants to detach itself from Google, currently most Android manufacturers depend on Google’s services, despite Android’s source code being open. Cyanogen wants to develop an Android version which can fully function without using Google’s services. According to Bloomberg there are talks between Microsoft and Cyanogen to create an Android version that works well with Microsoft’s services, what that really means remains unknown.

Both Cyanogen and Microsoft didn’t want to respond to news. It’s not the first time there are rumors concerning Microsoft and Android, previously the company was said to develop support for Android apps in Windows.