Microsoft locks paid OneDrive accounts - monitors behavior and content

Microsoft locks out paid users from their OneDrive account and denies access to their files for 24 hours. Users are complaining on the Microsoft forums about receiving messages that their account is temporarily blocked.  Accounts are blocked for various reasons, including  what Microsoft calls 'suspicious activity' , 'large volume of traffic' or violations of the Microsoft services agreement or code of conduct.

Users are presented with the following message when they try to login to their account.

Your account is currently unavailable

Your OneDrive or Profile might be temporarily blocked because it has been experiencing an unusually large volume of traffic. In this case, the block will be removed after 24 hours.

It might also have been taken offline for suspicious activity or a violation of the Microsoft services agreement or code of conduct. If you believe this is not the case, request a review of the problem by contacting customer support. However, if customer support finds content which is in violation, then you'll need to remove all violating content within 48 hours or your account will be shut down.


The company appears to be monitoring both behaviour and content of the account. It's possible to appeal against the lock, but Microsoft states that when a Support employee finds content on your OneDrive account that violates their terms, you'll have 48 hours to remove it before your account will be shut down.

Recently we revealed how Microsoft OneDrive for Business modifies files you backup on the service.

OneDrive is the cloud storage service from Microsoft previously known as SkyDrive. The company had to change the name of service after it lost a lawsuit from the British Sky Broadcasting Group.

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